Apron pattern tutorial

I have now finished my apron so here is the tutorial!  My friend requested an apron for her birthday – she is an amazing sugar-crafter and cake maker.  finished apron

I had a look online and in my books to see if there was anything which took my fancy.  In the end, I decided to go off-piste and make something completely different – a reversible apron.  When I went to my friends Stampin Up party a while back, I got some lovely fat quarters, and ended up using 4 of them to make the final item.  One side is small heart and doily print, and the other is florals.


  • 4 coordinating fat quarters
  • bias tape – I used 2 sorts, a plain one to edge the main body of the apron and a lace edged one to finish the bottom and pockets
  • heavy duty ribbon for ties
  • buckle for the top apron tie
  • pattern paper
  • pins and sewing machine


I used an apron I already had to get an idea of shape, but it is basically one large rectangle, a long edging strip, a top section with curved edges and pockets.

  • The large rectangle was 57cm by 70cm including 1cm seam allowance (the same size as my Stampin Up fat quarter!).
  • The long strip was around 11cm by 70cm.
  • The pockets were around 19cm by 19cm, including 1cm seam allowance.
  • The top section was 29cm across at the top, 70cm across the bottom and 26cm high.  For an idea of the shape, you can refer to the picture below.

apron template

Cut out from the fat quarters 2 top sections and 2 rectangles. Using the leftover fabric from around the top sections, cut 2 long strips to finish off the edge of the long rectangle and 2 pockets.  For each side of the apron, you then need to piece the parts together with right sides facing each other, as shown in the below image.  Sew along the seams and then press out.

apron layout (2)You should now have 2 apron shapes.  Now is the best time to add your pockets and edge with bias tape.  Once you have sewn your pockets, you need to pin the 2 apron sections securely,  right sides together.  You then need to edge the whole apron with bias tape – pin first and then sew.

pinned apron bias tapeSew all the way around – I did this by hand as I enjoy sewing by hand and I also wanted my curvy bits to look good, but you could use a machine if you like.  As I said in the ingredients, I used 2 types of tape, this is the lovely spotty one I used for the bottom and pockets.  spotty bias tape

The next stage is to sew in place all the ribbon ties.  These go just by the seam of the rectangle and curvy top bit, and also along the top of the apron (see the first picture for placing).  I have a HUGE button collection, which also includes some buckles.  The example apron I was following used a buckle on the top apron tie, and I decided to follow suit with this round, brown buckle. apron clasp

Hopefully it all makes sense, but if you have any questions, please get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help.

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