Felt Daffodil Tutorial for St Davids Day

To get ready for St Davids Day on 1 March, I spent yesterday (while watching the Wales v Italy rugby match) making myself a huge felt daffodil to wear.


  • 1 sheet of yellow felt
  • needle and yellow thread
  • decorative button for the daffodil centre (I found my amazing orange button in Fabric Land in Brighton)
  • brooch back


  1. Cut out a five petal flower template on paper. paper flower template
  2. Use the template to mark out your felt.  You’ll need two felt cut outs. daffodil cut outs
  3. Pin your two felt flowers together.
  4. Sew all around the outside of the felt flowers, pulling the thread slightly to ruche it up a bit.
  5. Now for the fun bit!  Just go mad filling in the flower shape with small stitches, trying to make a uniform(ish) pattern. sewing around flower shape
  6. Finally, sew your button centre and brooch back securely into place.  Et voila, one very patriotic daffodil, ready for St Davids Day! finished felt daffodil

Next week, I am planning on making welsh cakes, and I will blog my grans very special recipe, so keep coming back to visit! 🙂

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