Turquoise Earrings

Here are a couple of earrings which I have made recently.  There seems to be an unintentional turquoise theme to them – turquoise is my favourite jewellery colour!leaf earringsHere’s a close up.  I used a mix of different turquoise and blue glass and semiprecious stones which I had in my stash, and used thin wire to “sew” them onto the leaf.

closeup of leaf earring

The next pair were a bit of a cheat.  Ages ago I bought a pair of earrings in the bargain bin which had this feather and chain dangle on them.  I didn’t think it looked right with the earrings, so I took it off and kept it, just in case.  I used the dangles along with a glass bead on a head pin to make these earrings. feather and bead earringsThe final pair are just an easy-peasy pair, made using glass heart beads and some seed beads to finish them off.  Simple but effective.  I put a link in a previous post showing how to make a perfect loop with the headpin, which may be useful again here.turquoise heart earringsI love the fact that at in about 5 minutes you can make a new accessory to go with whatever you happen to be wearing at the time.


Let me know your thoughts!

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