Scrap Book

Last summer I went on a trip to Romania, where I helped run a week long camp from Roma girls.  It was an amazing experience – hard work but extremely rewarding.  The girls were aged 7 to 16, and came from a very poor background, with some of the girls having very dysfunctional family backgrounds.  Through Girl Guiding, myself and 3 other leaders were chosen to lead a group of 8 Rangers and Young Leaders, and between us we set up and ran the camp.

welcome to camp

One of my highlights was when Mariana, the supervising adult with the Roma girls, asked if her girls had chosen the colours used to decorate these paper dolls below, which we did at the end of the week.  They all chose bright, cheerful colours, including pink hair.  Mariana said the girls normally used browns and grey colours, and was so happy they were choosing bright colours as it reflected how happy and relaxed they were by the camp experience.

paper girl

Anyway, I have finally finished my scrap book today, months after the trip!  I haven’t really done any scrapping before, but really got into it.  I would do a page or so in an evening after work, as a way to relax and recall good memories from the trip.  Here are some of my pages.

the girls

As it was a camp based on guiding ideas, lots of games were involved, even though it was over 40 degrees centigrade!

gamesFinally, here is a photo of the fabulous mountains around Brasov – a ski resort area.  I kept on feeling like I wanted to break into songs from the best musical of all time The Sound of Music 🙂 I really would like to go back to Romania again, and can recommend it as a great holiday destination, it is one of the most friendly places I have been to.

mountain panoramic

Let me know your thoughts!

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