My husband and I are currently in the process of revamping our spare bedroom.  Having been to look for curtains the other weekend, we were not impressed – they were all expensive and old-lady patterned.  We had some unremarkable cream curtains which we inherited with the flat, so I decided to do something with them instead.

I got some of this bird fabric from Fabric Land for another project (it’s called House Martins Black by Katie Kandles).  I decided to get some more to tidy up my curtains as I think it is my favourite fabric so far – spots and birds, what’s not to love?!

bird fabric close up

Fabric Land is a Brighton institution, they do the best selection of fabric in town, and it is really good value.  They even do mail order if you don’t live nearby.  Anyway, I used the bird fabric to make a 40cm band at the bottom of the curtains.  Here they are all pinned up and ready to sew.

pinned curtain

And here is the curtain all finished and hung up.  I couldn’t get a picture of the whole curtain without taking in some of the mess that makes up the spare room at the minute, but this gives some idea.  Definitely some things I would do differently if I did something similar again, but I like the overall effect.

finished curtain


Let me know your thoughts!

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