Button Hearts

I made these button hearts the other night while watching a film, using up various bits and pieces from my stash.  Although a bit late in the day (not many sleeps until Christmas!) they would make good decorations.  I’ve hung mine up on my kitchen door handles.

button hearts


  • Craft wire – mine was fairly fine gauge so I used double thickness
  • Assorted small buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Pliers

How to make the hearts

These instructions are very rough, as I sort of made it up as I went along.  Thread buttons onto wire as if you were sewing them into place until you have around a strand of around 9 inches.  Shape into a heart, to make the point more defined, I twisted the wire above the button, as you can hopefully see in the picture below.

twisted button

At the top “v” part of your heart, twist the wires together and then use the tail ends to make a loop.  To finish off, attach your ribbon to the wire loop.

Linking to The Purple Pumpkin Blog 

Let me know your thoughts!

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