Bird Earrings

I made these bird earrings a while ago, using some beads which I bought on Etsy.  I have included the details of how I made them, which can be adapted to make all sorts of different styles.

red bird dangly earringsIngredients

  • 2 x eye pins
  • around 12 matching small beads – I used small 4-5mm faceted beads
  • 6 x head pins
  • 2 x ear wires
  • 2 x matching feature beads – in this case the bird beads
  • 4 x smaller contrasting beads – mine were 4-5mm faceted beads
  • Round nosed and flat nosed pliers

How to make the earrings

  1. Thread the small beads onto the eye pins – around 6 on each pin, and finish them off with a loop.  This tutorial shows you how to make tidy loops.
  2. On 4 of the head pins, thread the contrasting beads, and finish them off with a loop.
  3. With the final 2 head pins, thread on your feature beads – the holes in my bird beads were quite large, which is why I used a couple of the small red beads to keep them secure.
  4. Moving on to your eye pins, open up the eye end of the pin with your pliers, and thread on 1 contrast bead, 1 feature bead and 1 contrast bead.  I threaded them on in that order for symmetry.  Using the pliers again, you then need to close up the eye securely so that the beads don’t come off.
  5. Finally, you need to attach the completed eye pins onto your ear wires.

I’ve linked this through to the Sew Chatty “Made with Love” Link Party 🙂

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