Fabric bunting tutorial

I have really got into making bunting recently (everyone is having some for Christmas).  This particular set of bunting is for a friends new baby.  I’m not normally one for pink, but I got a bag of fabric scraps from the charity shop last year, including this lovely Beatrix Potter fabric which I think may have been a sheet originally.  It was just enough to make a string of bunting, with some creative cutting out to ensure that each flag had a character on it.

final flags header


  • Fabric scraps, fairly thin cotton works best for smaller sized bunting, but to be honest anything goes – ideally you should use the same fabric back and front, but in this case I didn’t have enough fabric for 2 sides, so the back is a pale green patterned fabric instead
  • 2.5m of bias tape, ironed closed to make a flap bias tape
  • Flag template (mine was 15cm across the top and 17cm down to the point, so each side is 19cm)
  • Sewing machine
  • Lots of pins

How to make the bunting

  1. Cut out 14 triangles using your template from the fabric, this will give you 7 flags in total.
  2. To make a flag, select 2 cut triangles, put them right side together, pin in place and sew down the long sides, but leave the top open.  Repeat until you have 7 flags.
  3. Turn the flags the right side out, trim the top edge if there are any overhanging bits of fabric.
  4. They will then need to be ironed flat, a chop stick helps with keeping the seams straight and making sure the point is pointy enough.
  5. pre ironed flagsFind the middle of your ironed strip of bias tape, and insert a flag in the flap and pin in place.  Measure 5 inches from the edge of the flag and then pin the next flag in place.  Continue until you have pinned all the flags in place. pinned flags
  6. The final step is to sew the bias tape shut and sew all the flags in place.  Basically, you need your sewing machine needle as close to the open edge of the bias tape as possible, and just sew! finished flags

8 thoughts on “Fabric bunting tutorial

  1. Oh, you’ve really taken me back in time! My daughter had that fabric on a duvet cover (she’s 30 now and must’ve been about 8 then). I had totally forgotten about it until I saw your post! The fabric is perfect for bunting – I love what you’ve done! 🙂

    • Always wondered what the fabric was from! all the characters are just bunting sized so it worked really well. I have the tiniest bit of fabric left now which is too small for anything but I didn’t want to throw it away.

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